Enrollment Information


We accept children ages 1-12

Our operating hours are 7 am to 6 pm, Monday- Friday.

We offer full and part time preschool care:

​Full Time Preschool: 4 or 5 days weekly

​Part Time Preschool: 2 or 3 days, same days each week. (when available)

​School Age Care:

​Afterschool available for Leicester Elementary, West Buncombe Elementary and Eblen Intermediate.

Full time care is provided on TWDs, some holidays, Spring Break and one week of Christmas break.

​Full Day summer camp is available.

​Please download our E-Packet for more detailed information. Call and schedule a tour where we will visit your child's future classroom, meet the teachers and observe daily activities. 

Program Information

Abeka Curriculum

This is a Christian curriculum that introduces Bible verses while learning the alphabet.  We don't sit and so worksheets, we integrate the curriculum into our playtime. 

Creative Curriculum

Teachers utilize this curriculum to create a theme based lesson plan that focuses on the child's interests.  The activities encompass all areas of learning.

13 Learning Centers available

Art, Sand and Water, Pretend Play, Blocks, Science, Books, Magnetic Board, Dry/Erase Board, Manipulative, Chalk, Easel, and Music.  Each of the centers gives the children the opportunity to express themselves and learn to cooperate with others.  

Breakfast, Lunch, and Afternoon Snack are provided.

We serve breakfast at 8:30 am, lunch at 11:30 am, and Afternoon Snack after nap time.  All meals meet the NC nutritional guidelines.

Spring and Fall Pictures

We bring in a professional photographer to take portraits of each child twice a year, children grow so fast.  Copies of photographs are available for purchase.  Class photos are also available.

Website Information

We provide this website full of information including the Parent Handbook and our E-packet. (Enrollment packet)

Preschool Graduation

At the end of each summer, we have to say goodbye to our preschoolers moving on to Kindergarten.  We have a graduation ceremony with caps and gowns to honor those moving up.

Fees and Tuition


Toddlers (12 - 23 months)  $155 weekly 

2's (24-35 mos) $150

Early Preschool (3 years)

4 or 5 days a week  $145weekly

3 days a week (same days each week)  $115 weekly

2 days a week (same days each week)  $ 80 weekly

Preschool (3 1/2 - 5 years) 

4 or 5 days a week  $145 weekly

3 days a week (same days each week)  $115 weekly

2 days a week (same days each week)  $ 80 weekly

School Age (5 -12 years)

After school only  $ 73 weekly

Early Release days  No Additional Charge

Full Days (TWDs/Holidays)  $ 15 additional per day

Spring and Winter break  $145 weekly

Summer Camp  $145 weekly

Transportation (when available)  $  5 weekly

Tuition is due on the first day of each week.

There is a $10 late fee that accrues the next day.

If tuition is not paid by the third day, that child can not enter the program until all tuition and late fees are paid in full.

If a child does not return after one week and no payments have been made, we will terminate that child's enrollment and open that spot for a new child.

Thank you for taking the time to consider All God's Children CEC as the preschool program  for your child.  We look forward to you joining the All God's Children family.


Classroom Schedules

7:00-8:25 am - Arrivals / Free Play
8:25-8:30 am - Prepare for breakfast
8:30-8:45 am - Breakfast
8:45-8:50 am - Clean up from breakfast
8:50-8:55 am - Group
8:55-10:25 am- Free play in centers with some teacher direction.
10:25-10:35 am - Clean up and prepare for Outside
10:35-11:25 am - Outside
11:25-11:30 am - Clean up for lunch
11:30-12:00 pm - Lunch and transition to nap 

12:00-3:00 pm - Nap / Quiet Time
3:00-3:25 pm - Clean up from nap/ Free play
3:25-3:45 pm - Snack
3:45-3:50 pm - Clean up / Prepare for outside
3:50-6:00 pm - Outside time / Free time with some teacher direction
* This is an example, as each classroom's schedule reflects the needs of the children
*Toileting occurs as children needs.
**Outside time is as weather permits.

Benefits of Child Care

 Benefits for children
Children in our care reap the benefits of a safe, happy and healthy environment. Children are given the opportunity to be actively involved in the learning process and to experience activities and materials that foster the development of the whole child. Each child will be respected as a unique individual that God created. While attending, your child will encounter a nurturing, loving staff that will form secure relationships with you and your child. Each child will leave prepared for kindergarten and ready to have a successful school experience.

Benefits for the family
Parents who enroll their children have the comfort of knowing that their children are in a safe, stimulating and loving environment. Families become part of a support system of caring teachers who form a partnership in working to enhance the development of each child. We offer and open door policy and over all reliability of service.

Involving families in our center is our goal. We encourage families to work as an aide with the children or to support literacy in our classroom by reading to their child's class. It is vital that children hear different voices, stories and languages to excel in literacy.

We actively prepare children for kindergarten. Each day is a new day to learn and explore. We learn letters and numbers while playing with Play-Doh, blocks, puzzles, games and books. They learn life skills in pretend play and in cooperating with each other. They learn to socialize with children of various ages and adults outside their families.

A variety of outside resources are available for your child. Some of these include speech, occupational and physical therapy. Behavior specialists and intensive home and classroom support are also available when needed.

Communicating with families is a key component to quality care. We utilize Tadpoles, a program that allows parents to sign their child in and out using a unique pin. Teachers are able to send pictures and notes to parents through email, of their child's day. Parents can view their child's portfolio online to see their progress toward their individual and group goals.
​Another benefit of Tadpoles is added security through photo ID of authorized adults able to pick up the child. Tadpoles also allows us to quickly send text messages to all parents in the center to notify them of weather related closings and reminders of events such as picture day. 


Our Philosophy

It is our goal to provide a safe loving environment for each child. It is important to us to meet the needs of each individual child and their family. We want to nurture a love for learning by providing age appropriate curriculums and base our classrooms on the whole child. Each of our learning centers will allow the child to explore his or her own interests and abilities. We want to provide school readiness skill that will prepare each child for kindergarten.

We want to spend quality time with each child, knowing that we are the primary caregiver during the day, and taking that very seriously. We will let each child know that they are loved and valued and listen to what they have to say. We will show them affection through hugs and words of positive affirmation. We are a family centered facility and will always keep the lines of communication open with the home.

Families are strongly encouraged to participate openly in their child's care and their feedback is considered vital to what we are doing. We want to maintain a friendly, open and cooperative relationship with families.

We want to provide a quality service with high standards for our community, realizing that children are a gift from God and should be taken care of and treated in that manner.

Parent's HandBook

Download Parent HandBook